Suspended Structures

The exhibition is a good opportunity for various businesses to introduce their activities and services and show their executive examples to the public. However, some companies do not achieve the goals they set for participating in the exhibition due to the low allowable height of the booth or its unsuitable location in the exhibition hall or by being located next to a higher booth, and as a result, the participant He does not achieve his desires, the most important of which is to be seen in the exhibition.

In the meantime, the suspended exhibition structure goes beyond the foot and causes the height of the booths to be even higher than the allowable height in the exhibition hall. (It should be noted that the maximum height in some halls is 4.5 meters, but the height of the pavilion that uses the suspended structure is about 8 meters.) The suspended structure is not only a pavilion with a high height and more visibility to the customer offers, but it is a kind of advertisement so that it can be seen from anywhere in the hall and visitors can easily see it and be attracted to the relevant booth. Do not forget that one of the most important goals of the company in the exhibition is to be seen and stand out, and the use of suspended structures with appropriate design and graphics next to a booth with a principled design can meet the main needs of the participant.

Hall 5 (Nations Hall) of Tehran International Exhibition Center, which is one of the projects constructed by Banian Omid Company, is the only hall with the ability to install and execute suspended roof structures of the exhibition. Also, the design and booth construction department of this company, called Iran Stand Design, is the only executor of the suspended exhibition structure, the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions Center.